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Canada immigration services

Immigration is never simple. Students arriving in the nation may find the procedure particularly perplexing, as they may be questioned about numerous Canada immigration issues at the airport. But don’t worry! C.S. Immigration®, the unrivalled providers of Canada immigration services will assist you in the process and provide answers to any concerns you may have about Canadian immigration, what to expect at the airport, how to handle the interview with the Canadian embassy, and last but not least, how to adapt to life as a student in Canada.

Canada immigration services

The top 5 questions that may be asked to you at the airport if you’re applying for a student visa to travel to Canada are listed below!

  1. Can you tell me if you’ve been to Canada before?

At the airport, you can be questioned more frequently if you’re a student heading to Canada. How many times have you gone to Canada? Can be one of the inquiries. If you have, they could inquire as to your activities while there as well as how long you remained. They could inquire why you’re coming and how long you intend to stay if you haven’t been to Canada before. As much information as you can provide, such as your visit’s purpose, the length of your stay, and more, should be provided in your answers to these questions.

  1. Where did you reside and attend school in India?

Simply mention the college or school where you completed your undergraduate studies. Give your address in full, along with any nearby noteworthy sites and landmarks. When you finish the course in Canada, be sure to express how excited you are to get back to your original country.

  1. What led to the decision to choose Canada?

There are various reasons why students could decide to study in Canada, and airport officials will inquire about your specific motivations. One factor is the large number of internationally famous universities in Canada. These institutions provide a range of programs to meet the requirements of every student. The fact that immigrants are welcomed in Canada with open arms is another factor. Programs are in place by the government to aid immigrants in assimilating into Canadian society.

Tell about your family and friends’ trips to Canada and their experiences there. After you finish the course, tell them about the career prospects and high compensation you may access based on your study. Last but not least, compared to other wealthy nations, Canada has a comparatively inexpensive cost of living.

  1. Which university will you attend in Canada?

Depending on each student’s circumstance, different questions may be posed to them. Which Canadian school the pupil will attend is, nevertheless, one of the most asked queries. The response to this query may be useful in assisting the immigration officer in determining whether the student is permitted to enter the country.

  1. At this school, what program are you enrolled in?

When you came in Canada, you may have been enrolled or not. Be ready to discuss your program of study and anticipated length of study when questioned. It’s crucial to be prepared with all of your documentation in case the immigration officer requests to see it.

This is not all. There are other questions too that are typically asked. So, get ready to learn about them also, before you arrive at Canadian airport. And, for any Canada immigration services, don’t forget to reach C.S. immigration®, Calgary. We are always there to help you.