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Immigration streams of Manitoba

Manitoba is located between Ontario and Saskatchewan, it is also home to a number of programs that can help you, an immigrant, to move into the country in a legal and safe way. But before we start, let’s talk about some history. Manitoba was the first province to launch the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) in the year 1998. It is a small province, but the opportunities you can get there are just amazing. Here are the main Immigration streams of Manitoba:
  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream
  • Skilled Worker Overseas Stream
  • Manitoba Business Investor Stream
  • International Education Stream
  • Modern Community Driven Initiative

Skilled Worker In Manitoba Stream

This pathway is for people that are currently in Manitoba, Canada and are working with a valid temporary work permit.

Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

This pathway is for workers that are in Canada on temporary visa or student visa. In order to be eligible for this pathway, you are going to be interviewed by a representative of the MPNP and an employer from Manitoba. Also, these interviews are carried out outside of Canada.

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

The Manitoba Express Entry Pathway is for people that already have an active Express Entry profile and who are eligible under another MPNP stream. Also, candidates are required to have an experience in the occupations that are listed in the In-Demand Occupation List of Manitoba. Human Capital Pathway The Human Capital Pathway is made specifically for foreign skilled workers that have immense experience in a occupation that is currently listed in the In-Demand Occupations list of Manitoba. Manitoba Investor Stream If you are an investor who wants to immigrate to Manitoba to do business there, you can do a bunch of things, which includes:
  • Farm Investor Pathway
  • Entrepreneur Pathway
International Education Stream The IES (International Education Stream) is made to provide graduates of Manitoba so they can speed up their process to become a permanent resident. The stream has 3 pathways:
  • Career Employment Pathway
  • Graduate Internship Pathway
  • Student Entrepreneur Pathway
Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative Another one that Manitoba is offering is the Morden Community-Driven Immigration Initiative. Morden is a town 112 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg and they are currently looking for new immigrants that can help them meet their market needs.