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Immigration Consultant in Calgary

Our high application approval rates speak for us. CS Immigration is proud to be the preferred immigration agency in Calgary. Call us today to find out why.

Professional Services

Receive expert services from our professional group of Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants.

Regulated Consulting

CS Immigration is proud to provide immigration services in Calgary in accordance with the standards of the CICC.


All services are accompanied by the highest degree of confidentiality, integrity, and discretion.

immigration consultant calgary
immigration consultant calgary
Canadian choice award-winning Immigration Consultants Canada.

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Our Licensed Calgary Immigration Consultants Are Here to Help

CS Immigration offers the very best in personalized Canadian immigration services. Our years of experience allow us to provide reliable knowledge and successful outcomes to clients in Alberta and across Canada. When you choose CS Immigration, you choose:

  • Qualified consultants
  • Diverse immigration services
  • Quick processing times
  • Multilingual assistance
  • Immigration law expertise
  • Total support
  • Honesty and transparency
  • High approval rates
immigration consultant calgary
immigration consultant calgary
immigration consultant calgary
Top choice award mark of excellence.

Reliable and Informed Alberta Immigration Consultants

If you’re seeking an immigration agency in Calgary, look no further. Our of team of licensed and registered consultants are ready to help you every step of the way. 

Whether you’re seeking guidance and information regarding employment, family matters, business processes, educational pursuits, or even case law, we are well-prepared to assist you.

Our approach at CS Immigration is grounded in the belief that every client deserves personalized support throughout the major life journey of relocating to a new country. We believe that everyone deserves to choose the life they want to live, regardless of social status or circumstance. Call us today.

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More About Our Immigration Services in Calgary

Study Permit
Embark on your journey to a top-tier education in Canada with our Study Permit services.
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Work Permit
Realize your career ambitions with our Work Permit solutions.
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Visitor Visa
Immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Canada with the help of our visa consultants in Calgary.
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Temporary Public Policies
Stay informed about the latest immigration policies and seize temporary opportunities with our guidance.
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Express Entry
Efficiently pursue Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry fast-track.
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Provincial Nominee Programs
Explore tailored pathways to Canadian PR, specifically designed for skilled workers like you.
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Family Sponsorship
Reconnect with your loved ones in Canada through our dedicated Family Sponsorship services.
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Pilot Program
Learn about specialized Pilot Programs, customized for eligible candidates.
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Business Immigration
Secure your future by exploring the wealth of opportunities in Canadian business immigration.
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About Our Process
Initial Assessment
We conduct a total evaluation of your qualifications, skills, and unique circumstances. This pivotal step determines your eligibility and qualifies immigration pathways tailored to your profile.
Initial Assessment
Application Preparation and Submission
Once we've chosen the most suitable immigration route, our team of licensed Calgary immigration consultants prepares your application for submission. This entails document collection and organization, ensuring full adherence to program requirements, and facilitating language proficiency tests if necessary.
Application Preparation and Submission
Monitoring and Support
Throughout the processing phase, we maintain communication and keep you updated on the status of your application. Our visa experts offer invaluable advice on tracking your application's progress through official channels. If you have questions or there is a change in circumstance, we’re here to help- even if you just need assistance in understanding a particular document. There is no query too big or too small for our certified immigration consultants in Calgary.
Monitoring and Support
Seamless Post-Landing Transition
Following your successful move, our immigration consultancy services extend to post-landing support, aiding you in the transition to your new life. This includes assistance with settlement, facilitating your search for housing and employment, and helping you adapt to the Canadian way of life.
Seamless Post-Landing Transition
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Frequently Asked Questions

Fees for certified immigration consultants in Calgary can vary based on services, expertise, and the application fees required.

Immigration consultants can significantly simplify the process, increase success rates, and save time. More often than not, working with an immigration consultant in Calgary will benefit you especially if you’re unfamiliar with the immigration process, have a complex case, or want professional guidance to enhance your application’s success.

When selecting an immigration consultant in Calgary, consider their qualifications, reputation, success rate, and reviews. Ensure they are registered with the appropriate regulatory body and communicate effectively.

 The choice between a consultant and a lawyer depends on the complexity of your case. Consultants are often suitable for routine immigration matters, while lawyers may be necessary for legal complexities or representation in court.