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Study in Canada Without a Study Permit

A foreign national must apply for and get a Canadian study permit in order to study in Canada at any level.

A foreign student may, however, be excluded from this requirement in certain circumstances.

  • Short-Term Study in Canada
  • Minor Children in Canada
  • Family Members and Private Staff of Diplomats
  • Members of Foreign Armed Forces in Canada

Members of the armed forces of a country that is a designated state under the Visiting Forces Act do not require a permit to study in Canada.

The Visiting Forces Act lists the following countries as designated states:

Albania Antigua and Barbuda
Australia Austria
Azerbaijani Bangladesh
Barbados Belgium
Belize Benin
Botswana Brunei
Bulgaria Cameroon
Croatia Czech Republic
Denmark El Salvador
Estonia Ethiopia
Finland France
Georgia Germany
Ghana Greece
Guyana Hungary
Iceland Italy
Ivory Coast Jamaica
Japan Kazakhstan
Kenya Korea
Kuwait Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg
Malawi Malaysia
Moldova Nepal
Netherlands New Zealand
Nicaragua Niger
Nigeria North Macedonia
Norway Oman
Poland Portugal
Romania Sierra Leone
Singapore Slovak Republic
Slovenia Spain
Sudan Sweden
Swaziland Tanzania
Thailand Trinidad and Tobago
Turkey Uganda
Ukraine United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United States of America
Uzbekistan Venezuela
Zambia Zimbabwe