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Alberta is one of the largest provinces in Canada and is home to two of the largest cities in the country, Edmonton and Calgary. Also, it is the most populous of the three Prairie Provinces. Not only that, but it has some amazing national parks which are known all over the world.

The best thing about the province is that they offer the AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program). Through this program, immigrants from all over the world may receive an APNC (Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate).

Here are some streams that the AINP has:

Alberta Opportunity Stream

Immigrants that are working in Alberta and international graduates who have completed their studies at a post-secondary institution in Alberta are allowed to apply in this stream. They can get a provincial nomination under the Alberta Opportunity Stream.

Please do keep in mind that this stream has an application fee of $500 and the processing time is around 8 months long

Alberta Express Entry Stream

The Express Entry steam is responsible for bringing in a lot of immigrants in the country. The good thing about it is that the Express Entry Stream allows Alberta to nominate individuals that already have a profile in their system.

Individuals who have demonstrated ties to Alberta and, has the necessary skills to contribute to the economy and the overall growth of the economy can get an invitation to submit an application, which can make their path to permanent residency an easy one.

The application fee for Alberta Express Entry Stream is around CAD 500.

Self-Employed Farmer Stream

If you are a farmer, you can come too!

The Self-Employed Farmer Stream is for candidates that are interested in immigrating into the province with plans of purchasing or starting a farming business.

The application fee for the Self-Employed Farmer Stream is around $500.

International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

If you are international student, this one is a good one for you.

The International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream that is offered by Alberta is made specifically for international graduates of post-secondary institutions in Alberta that are interested in operating or buying and starting a business in the province.

The application fee for the International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream is around $3500.

Foreign Graduate Start-Up Stream

Canada loves students!

The Foreign Graduate Start-Up Stream of Alberta is made specifically for the foreign-educated international graduates that are planning to launch a start-up business in Alberta. It also offers permanent residency.

The application fee for this one is at $3500.

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