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If you possess an H-1B visa in the United States, our detailed CS Immigration website will give you an overview of your work permit choices in Canada.

While the H-1B programme appears to be a promising way for qualified foreign nationals to work in the United States, it is plagued by problems, making the US a less attractive alternative for international workers. The term limit on H-1B visas, for example, is a common issue; these visas can be issued for three years and then extended for another three years, after which the foreign national must spend at least one year outside the United States.

Because of these and other issues that typically arise with H-1B visas, many foreign nationals are looking to Canada for their next job opportunity.
Canada has numerous possibilities for work permission that are either identical to the H1-B visas in terms of eligibility or provide the prospect of the foreign national continuing their career in North America:

  • Global Talent Stream
  • Intra-Company Transfers
  • CUSMA (Formerly NAFTA)
  • Business Visitors