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What To Expect in The Embassy Interview Upon Arrival in Canada (Study Visa)?

What To Expect in The Embassy Interview Upon Arrival in Canada (Study Visa)? Individuals who aspire to visit Canada to pursue their higher studies are required to obtain the Canada Student Visa. The application requires the applicants to submit the completed application form along with the required documents. Once the application is submitted, the applicant […]
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Canada Immigration Services

Golden Tips on How to Extend Your Stay in Canada

Are of one of those who made it to Canada and has a valid work visa? However, you’re puzzled and unsure of how to extend your stay or submit an application for permanent residency. Well, you should know your options. C.S. immigration, a top-notch organization rendering Canada Immigration Services is here to help you understand […]
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Express Entry Visa Services Canada

Should Students Hire Canadian Immigration Consultants?

Hiring Canadian Immigration Consultants Canada is a must these days, considering that there are nearly two million people around the world waiting for the outcome of their Canadian visa applications. The thing with Canadian Immigration Consultants Canada is that they can increase your chances of getting a visa and can make the visa approval process […]
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How to Deal with Inadmissibility to Canada?

Each year, Canada welcomes millions of tourists, workers, students, and immigrants. However, each foreign individual must first satisfy Canada’s entry criteria before being permitted to enter the country. A criminal background check and medical exams are a couple of these needs. In case you do not meet these requirements, you’ll be inadmissible to Canada. And […]
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