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Tourists that are part of a tour group that uses a bus as their mode of transportation can enter the country with a tourist visa, however, tour guides and bus drivers cannot, in most of the cases.

There is a chance that tour guides and bus drivers may enter the country with just a normal visa, however, if they are offering services, there is a chance that they might be required to obtain a Canadian work permit.

Bus drivers and tour guides can raise issues relating work in Canada at the border, upon entry. But this depends on certain factors.

Upon arrival, certain factors can be assessed to justify if it’s necessary for the individual to obtain a work permit or just let them through a normal visa.

What are those factors?

The first factor involves the nature of services that are going to be provided during their stay in Canada. In case the border immigration officers entails that the tour guide needs to be there for them in the tour along with other things, then it is likely that they will ask the tour guide to get a work permit.  However, if the tour guide is acting as a chaperone or as a leader of the group, then a work permit might not be required during entry.

The role that the tour guide has will play a huge role in identifying what they are going to need during the arrival in the country.

The second factor is the point of origin and the point for the tour or tour bus. In case the tour begins in Canada and is ended in Canada, then a work permit is going to be required by the immigration officers. The reason behind is the fact that the tour guide is going to exclusively work in the country, which means they belong to the labour market. However, if the trip starts outside Canada and ends outside Canada, then there is a chance that the tour guide might not need to have work permit.