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Individuals seeking entry to Canada to work in the entertainment industry may qualify as business visitors in specific circumstances.

This is a category of foreign nationals planning to work in Canada who do not require a work permit due to the nature and/or duration of the work to be conducted in Canada.

Individuals working in the entertainment industry usually fall into one of three categories when it comes to being considered as business visitors:

Film producers who are coming to Canada to work on a foreign-financed film, television show, or documentary. Collaborations between foreign production companies and Canadian businesses do not qualify as such production since the project must be sponsored wholly from outside the country. Foreign film crews entering Canada must be thoroughly informed with the details of who is giving financial support for the production in order to avoid difficulties upon entry.

Essential Personnel who are coming to Canada to work on a commercial shoot that is being funded by a foreign company. These workers must be coming to Canada for a brief period of time, usually less than two weeks.

The determination of what constitutes “important employees” is established on a case-by-case basis and is largely based on the production company’s evidence.

Performing artists who are appearing in a show, concert, or festival in Canada, or who are appearing in a guest role on a television show or film shot in Canada. Whatever the venue, as long as their reason for visiting Canada is for a limited period of time, they will almost certainly be considered business travelers. Only in the case of repeated, regular performances is it necessary to obtain work authorization.

The issue with these types of business visitors, as well as other assisted working choices in Canada, is that it is up to the person selecting whether or not to give entrance.If an Immigration officer is unfamiliar with unusual working arrangements or the criteria for being classified as a business visitor, they may refuse admission.Before seeking to enter Canada as a business traveler, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced immigration attorney.