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In order to travel to Canada, one must have a visa and/ or a work permit. The problem is that the vast majority of people don’t really understand the difference between the two. 

Even if you didn’t know the difference, experts at C.S. immigration, Canadian immigration consultants Canada, are here to help you understand it.

Canadian Immigration Consultants Canada


First, let us talk about visas.

Well, you must be knowing the different visa types required to travel to Canada but for your knowledge, it is a signed and stamped document that allows an individual to enter a country as an immigrant usually for a purpose. On the contrary, a work permit is signed documentation from a registered employer of the individual that permits him to enter the country. 


Generally, an individual doesn’t incur any cost when applying for a work permit as all his migration expenses are paid by the employer. In the case of a study visa or a tourist visa the individual has to incur all the costs himself. 


A visa is generally authorized by immigration authorities like the Canadian embassy in this case, while the work permit is issued by the company that hires and calls for the employee as a part of their entity.


The value of each is subjective as it all depends on the needs of the individual. For instance, if somebody wants to study in Canada for him obviously, a study visa is the perfect way to enter the country whereas, for those who wish to work, a work permit would serve the purpose.


In a work permit, the flexibility is comparatively less, like if a person wants to take up a job in another company in Canada, he can’t do that lawfully on the same work permit. For that, he first has to return to his own country, then reapplies for a fresh work permit and visit the country again on a new legal work permit issued by the new employer.


Well, in experts’ view, the process of getting specific visas like a study visa is far easier than getting a work permit. However, if applied through an experienced and legit Canadian immigration consultants Canada, things are not as tough as people might think. 

Final Thoughts:

Well, A work permit and a visa are two distinct things. Depending on why you’re applying, there are many visa kinds. On the other hand, there are many sorts of work visas based on the length of stay and the type of employment. Additionally, the organizations that issue work permits and visas are distinct from one another. Serious consideration must be given to the expiration and renewal of work permits and visas.

The lengths of visas and work licenses vary. This means that the documents, granting agencies, and types of visas and work permits are different.