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Application centers from Asia, Asia Pacific and America will be asking their applicants to submit their biometrics with an additional fee. The applicants will be required an appointment for the same. It will be effective from November 2, 2018.

Visa Application Centres (VACs) around the world have been asked to offer support with fingerprints and photograph collection (biometrics) services.

Additional fees will vary based on your residing location.

The package being offered at all VACs until November 2:

  • Paper application submissions
  • Sending applicant’s documents (such as a passport) and returning them to the applicant
  • Collecting Biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) by appointment and/or walk-in

The Government of Canada has asked the applicants around the world to check their local VAC’s website to stay up-to-date on service changes. VACs from Perth, Australia, and Surabaya, Indonesia will be closing permanently on November 30, 2018.