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Canada Immigration Services

Undeniably, thousands of immigration applications are rejected every year because of the mistakes in the application. So, it becomes vital to keep all the things in mind before applying in order to avert rejection. Hence, CS immigration®, the providers of top-notch Canada immigration services brings to you the information on the most common Canadian immigration mistakes that must be avoided at all costs.

Canada Immigration Services

So, let’s see what these mistakes are:

  1. Mistakes In Documentation

As documentation is the most crucial part in the entire immigration process, it becomes even more important to pay attention to the details about the requirements of the embassy. The application procedure might be slowed down by a small error or omitted information in the supporting paperwork. You must supply supporting documentation with every piece of information you submit as part of the immigration procedure to Canada, such as income tax returns, payment receipts, employment verification docs, Documents, birth certificates, passports, academic records, etc. If not done properly, your application could be rejected. 

  1. Unsatisfactory Language Test Scores

Various permanent and temporary residence options need evidence of English or French language competency. According to the Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) standard, language competency is defined. The candidates’ evidence of language proficiency is evaluated in the areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, or a combination of the four. In every language ability that is being tested for a program, the candidates must achieve minimal CLB levels.

  1. Not Meeting Requirements For Employment Letter

An employment letter is a crucial document needed in a number of immigration programs to prove job experience. The reference letter must be on business letterhead and include details about the employment held, hours worked, pay, and working conditions, a description of the job tasks, the employer’s signature, and corporate information like the address and phone number. An employment letter may not be accepted as proof of work experience if it lacks detail or contains other errors.

  1. Inconsistencies in personal history

For applications like permanent residency and temporary residency, people must include a thorough travel history, personal history, career history, and/or educational background. No matter how long the gap is, it should not be explained in the history if there are any gaps with unanswered details.

In conclusion, never neglect the fact that mistakes are highly likely in the immigration process. So, always hire an experienced Canada immigration services provider like C.S. immigration. With skilled immigration experts like us you have very less chances of rejection and high chances of success.