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An update came on the 18th of October from the Government of Canada, where it asked Visa Officers to request for additional proof of funds from the applicants along a scholarship from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Though medical trainees, graduate students or undergraduate scholarship students in the final year of their bachelor programs were kept out of this estrangement. They would need to represent only financial sponsorship certificates from the Royal Embassy of Saudi

Officers have be asked to allow a 30 day duration for the affected applicants to provide a proof of funds before they apply for a new Canadian study permit or opting for study permit extension.

IRCC have asked the VISA officers to inspect carefully that if the applicant is capable of paying their tuition, financially support them and accompany family members during their stay and can bear any necessary transportation costs if needed.

It was the summers when Canada’s criticism of Saudi Arabia’s human rights led the Kingdom to back foot the scholarship programs in Canada. All the Saudi Arabian students were forced to transfer their scholarship to some other countries. The Saudi Ministry of Education then allowed new financial scholarships from Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau to medical trainees, graduate students, and undergraduate students in their final year of studies.