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International Student Health Insurance in Canada

Every Province have different health insurance policies.

Students wishing to study in Canada should look into the insurance options available in their chosen province. In order to study in Canada, international students must obtain health insurance for the duration of their stay. Certain jurisdictions provide provincial health care to international students for free or at a reduced cost. International students are normally needed to apply to the province in these situations.

Students are frequently obliged to obtain private health insurance if provincial health insurance is not accessible. In Canada, this is frequently done through their school.

International students may be required to subscribe to mandated health plans by institutions in provinces that do not provide provincial healthcare coverage, while other schools may provide optional coverage plans.

Province Provincial coverage for international students? Basic requirements Further information
Alberta Yes Minimum 12 month study permit

Minimum 12 month residence in Alberta

Holders of study permits for more than three months and less than 12 months may be eligible if they can show their intention to reside in Alberta for at least 12 months.

Students under 18 must be added to a parent or guardian’s insurance.

Must apply within 90 days of arrival in Alberta.

British Columbia Yes Minimum six month study permit Coverage begins after three months. International students are advised to apply immediately upon arrival; coverage begins on the first day of the third month following. For example, if a student arrives on August 25, his or her coverage would begin on November 1. International students should seek coverage for those three months.
Manitoba Yes Minimum six month study permit

Minimum six month residency per calendar year