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Top Tips on How to Extend Your Stay in Canada!

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Are you one of those who made it to Canada and have a valid work visa? However, you’re puzzled and unsure of how to extend your stay or submit an application for permanent residency? Well, you should know your options. C.S. immigration, top-notch Canadian immigration consultants Canada are here to help you understand what options you have to extend your stay or on how to attain citizenship. 

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Following are the prime 3 ways to elongate your stay in the country of your dreams (Canada):


  • LMIA is an employer-driven procedure that allows you to obtain authorization to apply for a new work permit in Canada or extend your current one.
  • In order to fill the post, a foreign worker must be employed; no Canadian worker or permanent resident is more suited than you are to do so. Submitting an LMIA application will indicate that the company and job offer are legitimate and that this is the case.
  • The worker may submit an application for a fresh work permit, well for up to three years, when the employer receives a favourable LMIA judgment.
  • For your Express Entry immigration application, a good LMIA might earn you up to 200 points.


  • A form of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), the Global Talent Stream is a component of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. When Canadians or permanent residents are not accessible, it strives to enable Canadian businesses to recruit and hire the highest specialized and trained global personnel they require. It focuses on employees in specialized roles and those working in the IT sector.
  • For one of the high-skilled positions listed as part of the Global Talent Stream, such as those for managers of computer and information systems, programmers, analysts, IT consultants, computer technicians, software engineers, and web designers, among others, the applicant (that would be you) will need a legitimate job offer.
  • You must keep in mind that this category also needs a minimum income (salary), depending on your position and preferred province.


  • Each of Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories has unique economic and geographical requirements. The Provincial Nominee Programs are designed for those who possess the knowledge, training, and work experience necessary to meet the unique requirements and boost the economy of a particular province or territory.
  • Each province has unique initiatives, or “streams,” that cater to certain populations and have their own regulations based on local needs.
  • You must demonstrate a desire to live and work in the province where you are applying for immigration under a Provincial Nominee Program.
  • You will be given a nomination certificate once it has been accepted by a provincial government. With this nomination, you can submit an application for the Canadian federal government’s final review.

Still confused about which one to go for?

Get in touch with us and let us take away your headache. With C.S. Immigration, the unrivalled Canadian immigration consultants Canada, choose one easily that too at unbeatable prices.

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